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1Z0-144: Oracle Database 11g Program with PL/SQL Dumps: Real Exam Questions

What is the correct definition of the persistent state of a packaged variable?
A. It is a private variable defined in a procedure or function within a package body whose value is
consistent within a user session.
B. It is a public variable in a package specification whose value is consistent within a user session.
C. It is a private variable in a package body whose value is consistent across all current active
D. It is a public variable in a package specification whose value is always consistent across all
current active sessions.
Answer: B

Which statements are true about PL/SQL procedures? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Users with definer's rights who are granted access to a procedure that updates a table must be
granted access to the table itself.
B. Reuse of parsed PL/SQL code that becomes available in the shared SQL area of the server
avoids the parsing overhead of SQL statements at run time.
C. Depending on the number of calls, multiple copies of the procedure are loaded into memory for
execution by multiple users to speed up performance.
D. A PL/SQL procedure executing on the Oracle database can call an external procedure or
function that is written in a different programming language, such as C or Java.
Answer: B,D

Identify two situations where the DBMS_SQL package should be used. (Choose two.)
A. The select list is not known until run time.
B. The dynamic SQL statement retrieves rows into records.
C. You do not know how many columns a select statement will return, or what their data types will
D. You must use the %found SQL cursor attribute after issuing a dynamic SQL statement that is
an insert or update statement.
Answer: A,C

Which two statements art true about the instead of triggers' (choose two.)
A. Delete operations cannot be performed using the instead of triggers.
B. The instead or triggers must be created to add or modify data through any view.
C. The instead of triggers can be written only for views, and the before and after timing options are
not valid.
D. The check option for views Is not enforced when Insertions or updates to the view are
performed by using the instead of trigger.
Answer: B,C

Which two statements are true about the continue statement? (Choose two.)
A. The PL/SQL block execution terminates immediately.
B. The CONTINUE statement cannot appear outside a loop.
C. The loop completes immediately and control passes to the statement after end loop.
D. The statements after the continue statement in the iteration are executed before terminating the
E. The current iteration of the loop completes immediately and control passes to the next iteration
of the loop
Answer: B,E

Identify two features of obfuscation. (Choose two.)
A. The Import and Export utilities accept wrapped files.
B. SQL' Plus cannot process the obfuscated source files.
C. Only the wrap utility can obfuscate multiple programs at a time.
D. Both the DBMS_DDL package and the Wrap utility can obfuscate multiple programs at a time.
E. The source code is visible only through the DBA_SOURCE view and not through the
Answer: A,C

In which of the following scenarios would you recommend using PL/SQL records?
A. when you want to retrieve an entire row from a table and perform calculations
B. when you know the number of elements in advance and the elements are usually accessed
C. when you want to create a separate lookup table with multiple entries for each row of the main
table, and access it through join queries
D. when you want to create a relatively small lookup table, where the collection can be constructed
in memory each time a subprogram is invoked
Answer: C,D

Which two statements are true about the usage of the cursor for loops? (Choose two.)
A. The cursor needs to be closed after the iteration is complete.
B. The implicit open, fetch, exit, and close of the cursor happen.
C. The record type must be explicitly declared to control the loop.
D. The PL/SQL creates a record variable with the fields corresponding to the columns of the
cursor result set.
Answer: B,D

Which tasks must be performed during the installation of the UTL_MAIL package?
(Choose all that apply.)
A. setting the UTL_FILE_DIR initialization parameter
B. running the UTLMAIL.SQL and prvtmail.plb scripts
C. setting the SMTP_OUT_SERVER initialization parameter
D. using the CREATE DIRECTORY statement to associate an alias with an operating system
E. granting read and WRITE privileges to control the type of access to files in the operating system
Answer: B,C

Which two statements are true about triggers? (Choose two.)
A. All the triggers that are created on a table cannot be disabled simultaneously.
B. Any user who has the alter privilege on a table can create a trigger using that table.
C. Oracle provides a two-phase commit process whether a trigger updates tables in the local
database or remote tables in a distributed database.
D. Triggers become invalid if a dependent object, such as 3 stored subprogram that is invoked
from the trigger body is modified, and have to be manually recompiled before the next invocation.
Answer: C,D

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