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1Z0-102: Oracle Weblogic Server 11g System Administration I Dumps: Real Exam Questions

An EJB application is targeted to a cluster. Remote EJB clients can therefore take advantage of
WebLogic Server’s load balancing and failover capabilities.
However, a proxy server exists between the clients and the cluster, which performs IP address
translation. Which cluster attribute should you modify to ensure that load balancing and failover
work correctly?
A. Multicast Address
B. Persistent Store
C. Cluster Address
D. Migration Basis
E. Replication Channel
Answer: C

Identify three options for Keystores in a server's configuration.
A. Demo Identity and Demo Trust
B. Demo Identity and Java Standard Trust
C. Java Standard Identity and Custom Trust
D. Custom Identity and Demo Trust
E. Custom Identity and Custom Trust
F. Custom Identity and Command Line Trust
Answer: A,E,F

Identify three properties required by the domain Configuration Wizard when creating a new
A. machine name
B. Managed Server name
C. domain startup mode
D. domain name
E. administrator username and password
Answer: C,D,E

Which can be associated with multiple domains?
A. Cluster
B. Server Log
C. Node Manager
D. Administration Server
Answer: C

Which statement is true about the java Node Manager?
A. It runs on Windows not on Linux
B. In its secure form, it uses one-way SSL.
C. It does not use the file, whereas the script-based Node Manager.
D. Unlike the script based Node Manager, it should not be run as an operating system service
Answer: B

When a typical application utilizes a JDBC data source, the process involves several steps.
Identify three of these steps.
A. The application returns the connection to the data source.
B. The application looks up the data source using the JNDI name.
C. The application tests the connection to verify the database's availability.
D. The application adds a new connection to the data source if none are available.
E. The application requests a connection from the data source.
Answer: A,B,E

Which three statements are true about the Change Center in administration console?
A. The Change Center has a link to view the changes made so far.
B. The Change Center is available only in a Production Mode domain.
C. The Change Center has a link to view any servers that need to be restarted.
D. After activating the changes to a server's configuration, you must always restart that server.
E. In a Development Mode domain, the configuration lock can be acquired automatically.
F. Changes must always be activated before they can be undone.
Answer: A,C,E

Which three tasks are required to use JDBC session persistence for a web application?
A. Enable automatic migration on each server.
B. Create the session database table.
C. Configure SSL on each server.
D. Edit the weblogic.xml descriptor.
E. Create a multi data source.
F. Create a JDBC data source.
Answer: B,D,F

An application fails. The exception indicates that the JDBC data source, jdbc-hr.HRDS, cannot be
found. Identify two possible steps that you can perform to verify the data source’s availability.
A. Launch the JDBCDiagnostics utility.
B. Verify the Targets attribute of the application.
C. Verify the Dependencies attribute of the data source.
D. Verify the target server’s JNDI tree in the console.
E. Verify the Target attribute of the data source.
Answer: D,E

Which answer best describes how you can start the Java-based version of the Node Manager?
A. (.cmd in Windows)
B. (.cmd in Windows)
C. (.cmd in Windows)
D. (.cmd in Windows)
Answer: C

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